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"iTunes 3.0.3 is feezing windows 7"

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  • 3.0
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iTunes 3.0.3 is locking up windows 7 the second it starts it freezes computer, cannot do anything open task manager nothing have to cold hard boot which sucks. Many others are having the same issue but no one seems to know how to address it. Apple refused to support the issue????? Free isn't always good. Any ideas. Have re-installed 3 times including using CCLeaner which for the love of God I hate screwing with the registry.

  • None as far as I can see. Hacking the damn iPhone may become a real option for me now. Apple is money not customer support.
  • iTunes 3.0.3 is a premature unstable release. Was not tested properly and should not be running except on beta sites.

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15 Mar 2010

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